Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fixing a Worn out Remote Control (XBOX, Playstation, Wii, TV, etc.)


The method described below is valid for any remote control that uses conductive rubber pads for buttons. I have successfully used the same method on TV/VCR/Home theater/AC remotes and game consoles. Some time ago I decided that the next time I do it I would document it here.

Recently, I ordered an extra controller for my XBOX 360 so that when my nephews and nieces come over they can play at the same time. The controller was advertised as a brand new, original controller from Microsoft. Well, it turned out it was an original, but far from being brand new. It must have been used extensively because all the buttons had to be pressed very-very hard to register. This is caused by the rubber conductive tips of the inside of the buttons wearing out after a lot of use. (For comparison, the controller that my XBOX 360 came with is still in top condition even though I have been playing with it for years.) Since it’s difficult and expensive to negotiate a return and replacement of product from overseas, I decided to fix it on my own. I have done similar fixes in the past with some remote controllers in the past.

Those black "dots" (11 total) are the ones that had to be fixed.