Friday, January 11, 2013

XBOX 360 Controller Multicolour START Button mod

Four different colours for the four different players


A couple of days ago I was playing Halo 4 online when my team mates asked if I could change the colour of an XBOX 360 controller's LEDs (around the start button). After a few milliseconds of thinking (how difficult can it be to replace a few LEDs on a PCB) I replied: yes. A few minutes later, however, it got me thinking: maybe I underestimated the task and the LEDs are in some hard to reach places or are of some special shape I cannot find anywhere. (When I last time opened my controller I didn't pay any attention to the LEDs as, in general, I am not interested in such mods.) So I decided to do it, just to see if it's at all possible. As it turned out after a few minutes, it is possible and it is very easy.

Starting point: an unmodified XBOX 360 controller