Monday, July 22, 2013

Controlling a Controller - Proof of Concept


I have seen many interesting modifications of (mostly) game controllers on the internet. They all have one thing common: they were specific to the controller in question. I wanted to design something that could be attached to any controller, regardless if it uses positive logic (button pressed = logic high), negative logic (button pressed = logic low), or something else (button pressed shorts custom levels).

The "final" board. You may notice that quite a few components are not yet mounted. The reason is that I only mounted the essential components, i.e. I only soldered in 1 74HC4066 chip (4 switches) to see if it works. If I ever decide to use this for something I can simply solder in the remaining components.

Although, I did not finish this project due to lack of time, it is in a stage where it proves that it can do its job.