Monday, February 17, 2014

Giving New Life to LCD Screens from Old Laptops, TVs, Monitors, etc.


Over the years I have collected quite a few laptops (among many other things...). I usually pick them up when my friends and relatives get a new laptop and they throw away the old ones. Most of these laptops are not working and/or very old (i.e. around 15 years old, sometimes even more). I collect them because, even though they are not usable any more as laptops, I can sometimes fix them up just so much that they can be converted to a digital picture frame, or I remove some parts of it and make use of those in some way, like use a laptop touchpad on a PC.

Since I was running out of space to store these laptops, a few weeks ago I decided to remove the usable parts from some of the very old laptops that were beyond hope, and recycle what's left of them.

The shiniest part you can salvage from an old/broken laptop is arguably the LCD panel. Most of the time the LCD panel of an old laptop has no problem at all (if there is a problem with the display of a laptop it's mostly not the LCD panel itself but the inverter). 

An old LCD panel used as a monitor for a Raspberry Pi
Below I am demonstrating a way of giving these (in my opinion) fantastic pieces of engineering pieces a new life.