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ActoSenso Server – Controlling it all
Introduction Although optional, having a central coordinator (ActoSenso Server) in...
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ActoSenso Nodes
Introduction In the previous article I described the system overview...
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Tutorial: How to Install Home Assistant on a Generic Linux System

Are you as baffled as I am about Home Assistant installation? Got a generic Linux system and are not sure where to begin? Well, look no further, as i am setting out here the necessary steps, as i identified them through my recent research. Home Assistant is one of the …

Broadlink Smart Bulb Conversion to Open Source

Introduction Recently I have come across some smart LED light bulbs that came in different sizes, shapes, functionalities and manufacturers. One thing they share is that they all do their “smarts” over a WiFi connection for which you need to use a smartphone and one of the many apps that …

Expert tip: Add More Flash Memory to your Sonoff Basic Wifi Smart Switch

Introduction The Sonoff Basic Wi-Fi Smart Switch is an inexpensive wireless smart switch for anyone who wants to remote control and/or automate electric devices around the house or workplace. Unfortunately, it suffers from the same privacy issues as many of the inexpensive consumer grade smart devices, like the one in …

Privacy Showcase: How to Use Smart Devices without Ewelink/Internet

Recently, more and more consumer devices are available to make your home “smarter”. While they can make our lives a bit easier, comfortable, most of these smart devices also give rise to a number of privacy concerns as well as usability/reliability issues: The mobile apps (i.e. Ewelink, Smart life, etc) that …

ActoSenso Server – Controlling it all

Introduction Although optional, having a central coordinator (ActoSenso Server) in an automation environment can open up new possibilities. Advantages of having an ActoSenso Server include more processing power, more mass storage (for historical data), easier to develop business logic, etc. Options for an ActoSenso Server Almost any computer can be converted …

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