ESP32-S3-Mini-1 Development Board

Below I present my own ESP32-S3 development board. The reason for creating my own development board is twofold:

  • While designing my own development boards I am forced to do a lot of research on the subject and as a result I learn a lot about the device I create it for, in this case the ESP32-S3.
  • I can put all the functionality on the board I want, I am not limited by the options available commercially. Also, I can skip those bits and pieces that I do not want or care about.
The finished board

Features and advantages

This board is using the ESP32-S3-MINI-1 module from Espressif. The board’s features include the following:

  • USB-C socket for powering the board. Any modern USB power supply can be used to power the board as it “auto-negotiates” 5V DC using resistors on the CC lines.
  • The same USB-C socket is wired up to the ESP32-S3’s USB module through an array of ESD protection diodes (SRV05-4).
  • Built in 3.3V low dropout regulator for powering the ESP32
  • Power LED indicator
  • Reset and Boot buttons for easy development
  • All GPIOs broken out and grouped logically
  • Multiple breakout points for all the power pins on the board (GND, +5V, +3.3V)
  • All SMD components to save space (the only exception is a buffer capacitor that has both SMD and TTH footprints – use whichever you have at hand)
  • Clear labelling of each pin/function to reduce the risk of mix ups
  • Rounded corner
  • Holes in the four corners for optional mounting screws should you want to use it in an actual prototype
  • Barely bigger than a credit card at 100mm*57mm


Here is the schematics of the development board:


As usual, I designed the PCB using KiCAD. Here is a 3D render of the board:

The dev board is about 100mm*57mm

I’m happy to say this project was sponsored by PCBWay.

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